Mid-American Stock Car Series Rules & Forms

Since we were unable to have a meeting in February, I have been trying to answer questions as I can. I would like to clarify the the some questions regarding sportsman cars running with Mid-American.

Rule clarification: Any sportsman car with the 602 may run at the 4 3/4″ ride height rule. And weigh 3000 lbs. Any sportsman with a built (open) motor must be at 6″ ride height same as a Mid-American car. They must also weigh 3100 lbs as is the normal sportsman weight.
Again, please remember that this is a starting point and may change as we progress through the season. We can not make any educated changes if no one supports this.

If you have a question regarding rules please contact Ron Blood (262) 903-0132. He has been answering questions as soon as he can. Please leave a message and Ron will get back to you.

Mid-American Stock Car Series – Rockford Speedway Oct 4, 2020 Entry Form – Use this form to pre-enter for this event. Advance entry fee $35 Advance Entry deadline is Sep 28,2020. Late entry fee of $15 will be deducted at payoff.