By: Paul Reichert June 26, 2020

Mother Nature tried to rain on our parade earlier in the day, but the skies eventually cleared up and gave

us another picture perfect night for racing at Tomah-Sparta Speedway. Another great crowd turned out to witness unexpected endings to a couple of the feature events. Michael Gilomen and Paul Finch were the beneficiaries of those ‘what just happened’ moments to capture the win in their respective division features.

Let’s start with the Coors Light Sportsmen feature. Jake Schiller took the lead right from the start, but within four laps Schiller would have a hungry trio on his tail. Tyler Sauter, along with Minnesota drivers Michael Gilomen and Dillon Sellner, battled for second and the opportunity to challenge Schiller for the top spot. Instead, they would fight over second place for the next several laps. As the field got around the lapped car of Troy Dobbratz, Schiller spun out entering turn one. While under yellow, Sauter tapped his roof admitting he spun out Schiller. Sauter went to the back and Schiller got his lead back. Still under the yellow flag, Schiller suddenly left the track and ducked into the pits with an issue. Gilomen now was in command of the race with five laps to go. A familiar foe in Sellner started behind Gilomen on the restart. Gilomen was able to pull away down the stretch to claim his first ever Tomah win and proudly ring the Victory Bell in TACU Credit Union Victory Lane.

We also witnessed an unexpected ending in the Hornet feature. Rookie Zach Oliver shot past Shawn McCarthy to show the way early in the race. The hard chargers of the division were struggling to make their way through the field over the next several laps. This allowed Oliver and McCarthy to open up a big gap on the field. As the leaders were coming up on the lapped car of Sammy Linnehan, Oliver began to slow. So did the likes of McCarthy, Jazelynn Myer and Scott Mahlum. Was there caution on the

track? No. Oliver was experiencing an issue with his fuel pump. Paul Finch, once again driving Ron Pearson’s car, kept his foot on the gas pedal and charged his way to the lead with three laps to
go. Everyone else got back on the gas, but it was too late as Finch took advantage of the situation to claim his second straight win.

Nick Quinnell and Rick DeVito battled side by side for the first couple laps of the Twisted Tea Modified feature. Quinnell got a run down coming out of turn two on lap three to surge past DeVito and into the race lead. A couple laps later, Brad Wildes made his way from the back of the field to take second away from DeVito. For the rest of the race, Quinnell and Wildes would run nose to tail. Wildes tried to push

his way under Quinnell just past haflway for the lead. Quinnell stood his ground and fought back the challenge by Wildes to hold onto the lead. Wildes tried a couple other times to use the outside groove to power by Quinnell. Unfortunately, those moves also proved to be unsuccessful. The lead duo would remain close together the rest of the race as Quinnell held on to capture his first victory of 2020.

The lead in the Hobby Stock feature was a hot potato early on. Pole sitter Alex Rud ran up front on the first lap. Multi-time LaCrosse Hobby Stock champ Jason Bolster led the next circuit. The top spot would then be taken over by a first time visitor. Madison and Jefferson racer Brandon Riedner powered by Bolster to claim the race lead. A few laps later Andy Moore drove by Bolster on the outside to move into second and started to close in on Riedner. Yellow flew with four to go for a stalled Bolster in turn four. A

bump by Moore shortly after the restart allowed him to get alongside of Riedner, and they ran that way for a few laps. Moore got loose out of turn four coming to the white flag, and that allowed Riedner to pull away to score a popular victory with the fans.

In the TACU Credit Union Six Shooter feature, Dustin McCracken surged ahead of Jestin DeLap, Sr. for the top spot early on. The top runners of the division were struggling to make their way to the front, and that allowed both McCracken and DeLap, Sr. to open up a healthy advantage. The caution waved on lap six for one of Daniel Loendorf’s tires flying into the trees. Dan Frye followed closely behind McCracken on the restart, then moved to the outside to power past McCracken to assume the lead on lap eight. Jake Schomers, last year’s Street Stock champ at LaCrosse, got up to third by lap nine and began to eat away at his deficit to catch the front two. Normally Frye is able to pull away once in the lead, but McCracken was able to stay within a couple car lengths of the leader. Schomers got to within three car lenghts of McCracken over the final laps. That is how they would finish as Frye saw the checkered flag first.

After a successful debut at LaCrosse a couple weeks ago, the High School Racing Association ran their first ever race at Tomah. Representing Elroy High School, Dawsynn Richmond would score a clean

sweep as he dominated both the heat race and the feature event.

Action continues next Friday, July 3 as the American Super Cup Series makes their annual visit to ‘Daytomah’. They will be joined by the Modifieds, Sportsmen, Hobby Stocks, Hornets and Six
Shooters. Gates open at 5:00, qualifying starts at 6:15 and the racing action fires up at 7:30. For more information about Tomah-Sparta Speedway or the 2020 schedule of events, please call the office at 608- 461-1920 or visti our website at tomahspartaspeedway.com.


Twisted Tea Modifieds
Feature: 1. Nick Quinnell, 2. Brad Wildes, 3. Rick DeVito, 4. Derrin Salo, 5. Anthony DeVito Heat 1: 1. Quinnell, 2. Wildes, 3. R. DeVito

Coors Light Sportsmen
Feature: 1. Michael Giloman, 2. Dillon Sellner, 3. Tyler Sauter, 4. Bill Schott, 5. Troy Dobbratz Heat 1: 1. Jake Schiller, 2. Giloman, 3. Sauter

Hobby Stocks
Feature: 1. Brandon Riedner, 2. Andy Moore, 3. Michael Joines, 4. Alex Rud, 5. Austin Schott Heat 1: 1. A. Moore, 2. Riedner, 3. Joines

Feature: 1. Paul Finch, 2. Scott Mahlum, 3. Mason Morphy, 4. Jazelynn Myer, 5. Shawn McCarthy Heat 1: 1. Matt Olson, 2. Chandler Turner, 3. Andrew Gardner
Heat 2: 1. P. Finch, 2. Zach Oliver, 3. Morphy
Heat 3: 1. McCarthy, 2. Jordan Finch, 3. Mahlum

TACU Credit Union Six Shooters
Feature: 1. Dan Frye, 2. Dustin McCracken, 3. Jake Schomers, 4. Jestin DeLap, Sr., 5. Tim Murphy, Sr.


Heat 1: 1. McCracken, 2. Schomers, 3. Joshua Zacharias Heat 2: 1. Frye, 2. DeLap, Sr., 3. Murphy, Sr.

High School Racing Association
Feature: 1. Dawsynn Richmond, 2. Ashton Kinsey, 3. Braydon Lockington, 4. Monica Stuber Heat 1: 1. Richmond, 2. Kinsey, 3. Lockington